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All the links are from YouTube and most of them are for free, so you can enjoy the movie in all its glory on your favorite computer. No registration is needed and no time limit. As we get closer to the theatrical release of The Jungle Book, some of us at the Disneyland Resort are getting an early look at some special new fun for Guests of all ages to enjoy. New Musical Accompaniment The Jungle Book musical by William Finn and John Kander opens at the Center Stage Theatre in Disneyland Park at 11:30am on May 19th. Tickets go on sale this coming Wednesday, April 14th. Did you know? The Jungle Book musical at Disneyland Park has enjoyed sold out performances every year since opening in 1967. More Fun The latest incarnation of Jungle Book invites you to be on the adventure in all its splendor. The new attraction makes use of a ride system that is different than the one that was built for the earlier shows. The central attraction is the Center Stage Theatre, where the cast of The Jungle Book musical performs the show. When you enter, cast members will introduce you to the show, and you’ll be given a Jungle Book character and a slip of paper that will be used to enter the theater. When the show begins, you’ll be seated in the audience with the cast in the front of the stage. The show is staged in a linear progression, beginning with an introduction to Mowgli’s world and following his story as he grows up. The Jungle Book is more than a show: It’s a tale with a message. In this version, the show is not only about a young boy who explores the wilderness but also a tale about a jungle boy growing up to accept new worlds. A cast of Disney characters from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the characters of the Disney Fairies appear in the show. They are taught to sing, dance and interact with the audience as they tell the story of Mowgli. The results are wonderful. Join me at the show and experience all the fun of the jungle for yourself. The Jungle Book Walt Disney World Att




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TheJungleBookmovieintelugutodownload demwenz

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