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This 2 hander was selected as one of the ten plays in the
 Take Ten New Writing Festival, Chesil Theatre, Winchester, for a
s 4-day live festival in May 2021.  Careful tells the story of 2 elderly sisters, 
Marion and Rose, as they struggle to assert their preferred version 
of family history. The death of a brother releases a torrent of
suppressed memories, shared jokes and  secrets.  Is it ever too late to
find kindness in kinship? 
All of the following stage plays and texts were written during lockdown.  Thanks to members of Southwark Playhouse Elders group, I was able to rehearse, direct and videotape these online. 
 At The Door Laughing
This play began with writer Rebecca Solnit's query "..how do we care for one another when we can't be physically present with each other."  I wondered what happens when one person is sheltering in place, cared for by a person who is as good as a stranger. How good can we be as strangers?  As the scenes grew, I began to adapt them for zoom - the only stage available. At The Door Laughing features Bill Fleming as Victor.   
It's Wednesday, Pamela returns from shopping to discover that Victor has planned a surprise for her.
Rehearsing online in 2020 became a necessity, especially working with elders.  In this scene, two old friends, Caitlin and Helen, come together the night before one of them goes for major surgery. This staged reading was recorded in zoom and features Roz Burley. 

Jennifer, a Benedictine nun is nonplussed to have been chosen as executor to Ruth's estate, a woman she hasn't seen in twenty years. Amongst Ruth's possessions is found a startling private collection of china ornaments. This monologue was captured as a staged reading on Iphone.



Recorded for audio and broadcast as part of the Bankside Great Get Together, June 21, 2020,

 online/ on air street party for the Jo Cox Foundation Campaign. Mothering is based on

conversations I had with women in the Middle East between 2017-2019. A video version of this

text is due 2021.



Karla Ptáček





Across live and recorded performance, online and offline, my interest lies in issues of power, representation and what makes me laugh. I am fascinated by the ways people narrate their lives.  


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