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DAMN FINE DANCE is a London based performing company working with dancers over the age of 60, co-directed by Molly Wright and Luke Birch.

April-May 2024: Damn Fine Dance commence a 6 week intergenerational commission with BA Dance students from The  Place





"Drawing from the vast experience and generosity of our performers we challenge notions of how older people are presented as dancers. We present older performers as equally vibrant, courageous and dance exuberant as any other company regardless of age or ability.We empower our dancers by giving them the tools to not only perform set choreography but to have the confidence to be creatively engaged throughout their own process.Through work that is contemporary and avant-garde in its nature we hope to shine a new light on this generation of performers. We aim to discover more about how we can enrich and progress what we do as a company and consolidate and refine the nature of our performance work.We cultivate in our performers honesty, integrity, embodiment and curiosity." Molly & Luke

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