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April 5-6,  2024, I'm delighted to be invited to create and perform in Tiny Human Dramas:
             "What story would you tell if you only had a day? We’ve teamed up five anthropologists with performers and theatre-makers to turn anthropological research into exciting new plays. The catch? Each team has only 24 hours to create their play from scratch! With all their creativity combined, the possibilities for storytelling onstage are endless. Come out and witness five tiny human dramas… " Dr  Meaghan Rose Donnelly
Oct 31-Nov 4 2023
South London Theatre
Apologia by Alexi Kaye Campbell
Character: Kirstin Miller
Jan 27-Feb 4, 2023
The Questors Theatre, Ealing, London
Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill
Character: Mrs Jarrett
Directed by George Savonna
My all time favourite contemporary playwright,
Caryl Churchill, came to see our production and
dropped backstage to give generous feedback.
Jan 19-21st, 2023
Southwark Playhouse
Wind In The Willows by Alan Bennett
Character: Narrator
Oct 11-15, 2022 South London Theatre
The Children by Lucy Kirkwood
Character: Hazel
Feb 22-26, 2022 Bridewell Theatre, London
When The Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell
Character: Gabrielle York Sr.

"Also of note the older Gabrielle York, Karla Ptacek,

whose sensitive portrayal of an aging woman with

dementia, whose whole life has been overshadowed

by an event in her childhood, is exceptional"

Sardines Magazine  23/02/2022

"The physicality of the actors’ work was sufficient

to keep me engaged (Karla Ptacek in particular). 

Everything Theatre  24/02/2022

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