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Digital Performance

Vulnerability Series 1-7











At the start of lockdown, March 2020, I received an NHS Shelter in Place order assigning me to the category of 'Vulnerable Person' generated from a computer miscalculation of old medical data. It got me thinking of the levels of vulnerability we transit in daily life and what it means to be somewhat assailable. What seemed most pressing was writer Rebecca Solnit's query "How do we care for one another when we can't be physically present with one another?" Out of these ruminations came 7 short digital plays, samples below















The 7th in the series, Headcount (V7), was given three live performances online for the Magdalena Festival: Bodies: On: Live June 26th, 2021.  A recording of the final performance can be found below. 

Headcount (V7)


At The Door Laughing (V2)

At The Door Laughing.  Wednesday

At The Door Laughing. Wednesday

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Careful (V4)


The 4th in the V Series, Careful was selected in a national playwriting competition for  the Take Ten New Writing Festival, Chesil Theatre, Winchester,