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Documentation: material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In 2000 I moved my practice online after being selected for one of the newly launched AHRB scholarships for practice-based doctorates. My research into Distributed Performance Practices a/k/a Digital Theatre began in the drama department at Goldsmiths, London then moved to the Roehampton University, London. After two years of practice -research, a successful viva voce 'promotion' through MPhil, several publications, performances and presentations, I concluded my research. My digital practice that emerged from this research thrived from 2002-2007, when as founding member of Avatar Body Collision, I formed part of a quartet of globally distanced digital performers along with Helen Varley Jamieson (Australia/itinerant), Vicki Smith (New Zeaalnd) and Leena Saarinen (Finland). Our collaboration occurred via the internet where we created cyberformances, workshops and presentations together with a significant body of research around a new form of live, interactive, digital theatre.

Avatar Body Collision documentation can be found here:

Rhizome's New Museum Index of CyberFeminism:

This joint submission won the Trace New Media Writing competition in the ‘Process’ category. It captures some of the ideas and the landscape in which we were working in 2004: Writing 4 Cyberformance

I love this title but can barely remember the content of this submission.“Avatar Body Collision: 'Enactments in Distributed Performance Practices,' published in the peer-reviewed Digital Creativity Journal, 9/03, Vol 14, No 3, Swets & Zeitlinger. Abstract:

I'm very proud of 'lawful acts' but the original filmed, hand-drawn animation/actant is lost, all that remains is the playscript. The conceit was a live performer discusses consciousness onstage acting with her digitally drawn 'Actant', projected from the computer, live in run-time. The playscript was published in peer-reviewed Journal of Media Practice, Vol 2, No 3, Intellect. Abstract:

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